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Live healthier, breathe smarter - Inspired by nature, optimised by technology!
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Live healthier, breathe smarter - Inspired by nature, optimised by technology!
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    PureAir Car

    Air Quality

    Traffic and industrial factors generate harmful pollutants and nasty smells which are released into our air and permeate our cars.

    Indoor Air

    We spend a lot of time in our cars. Research shows that indoor air is 10 to 20 times more polluted than outdoor and bad odours negatively effect mood, motivation and performance.

    Air Intake

    The importance of air intake. Your daily intake equates to 24,000 breaths or 11,000 litres compared to 3.5 litres of water and 2 kilos of food. Yet, we still pay so little attention to what we breath in!

    Unique Technology

    The Swiss air freshening and cleaning system combines 3 functions: 1. Filters polluted air 2. Neutralises bad odours on a molecular basis 3. Releases fresh and clean air with a scent of your choice.


    Simply install the PureCar device on to your car, bus or motorhome vent grid. Clean and simple handling. Easy replaceable cartridges. No spilling and overflow of liquids.

    Awesome Solution

    Click the Fragrance/Filter Cartridge into the PureCar device and enjoy a perfect scent environment for up to 30 days.


    Easy Installation

    Clean Use

    Excellent Quality

    “The perfect addition to any home, office, hotel, retirement or nursing home where you might like to refresh the rooms with a scent of your liking. Within no time a pleasant aroma fills the room, removing bad odours completely."

    Debra, Mt Eliza

    "It is It is comforting knowing the air I am breathing at least while I am sleeping is pure. Love being able to choose from such a large range of scents. Best air purifier on the market for sure".

    Nicci, Melbourne

    "I have found that with the air being cleaner and the scents being fresh, I am happy to be working in my office, I feel more motivated and have more energy while working. Very importantly, I had no adverse reaction with my asthma!"

    Harry, Melbourne